I first began going to see Dr. Olt several years ago after being in a car accident that left me with upper and lower back pain and soreness in my neck. I had trouble sleeping through the night and during the day I couldn't sit still for longer than about 30 minutes because of the discomfort in my lower back.

After just a couple of adjustments, I immediately felt more freedom of movement, and within just a few weeks, I could exercise again. I expected these results from chiropractic care. However, what surprised me was how much more I received from these initial treatments. I had struggled for years with painful premenstrual syndrome. Not only did my cramping decrease after my first few adjustments. but I had less swelling. This is the first relief I had found for PMS that didn't involve drugs or medication whose side effects were sometimes as bad as the pain. I also had a real shift in my moods. I felt"lighter" and had a better sense of well-being. I vividly remember walking out of my driveway one morning after I had received my first adjustments and being vividly aware of the air, the sunshine and for lack of a better word, I just felt "taller". These unexpected results have made me realize how important it is going to be for me to not use chiropractic care simply for emergencies. I now realize that chiropractic care is an essential part of a regular maintenance plan for a happy, healthy lifestyle. 

-- Rebekah Carpenter
October 22,2002

Dear Dr. Olt,

It is with great happiness that I write my Success Story regarding my relief from twenty years of extreme pain. My initial visit was a last resort before facing possible surgery. Quite frankly,I had doubts that chiropractic would help my situation.
My symptoms included hand numbness, a sore neck, headaches and a feelings of needles sticking in my neck. I had been to a neurosurgeon and an orthopedic surgeon who prescribed a muscle relaxer and an anti-inflammatory to treat the symptoms, but obtained no lasting benefit. I have had some fear of addiction with these drugs and have been unable to take them while at work.
Not wanting to undergo surgery, I tried chiropractic as my last resort.
My impressions of you and your office were of a very professional environment. I was a little scared at the idea of personal touch, but felt more at ease after watching the introductory tapes and taking with you about what to expect. After my first visit I felt as if 1000 pounds had been lifted off my shoulders - what a difference!
To others who are suffering and in pain, I recommend not waiting like I did! Have the source of your pain corrected, rather than temporarily treating the symptoms. I believe chiropractic is awesome. You never know how much pain you are in until you don't have it. I wished I had seen Dr. Olt years ago. I look forward to my visits.
Thank you.
Sandra C. Hoste

Hi, my name is Ethan Thomann and I am eight months old. When I was about two weeks old I was diagnosed with colic. I cried all the time, especially during the night. My tummy hurt so much that it would wake me up out of a sound sleep. My Mommy and Daddy tried everything they could think of to a make it better. They changed my formula twice, played music for me, rocked me, and even tried two medications prescribed by the doctor. None of this helped. I was also constipated and the medications for colic made that worse. By the time I was six weeks old, my parents were desperate to find some relief. I was also developing a condition called tortacolis. I liked to keep my neck tilted to one side. Several people suggested chiropractic care to them, so they called Dr. Olt because they had both seen him before. Dr. Olt began to adjust me on a weekly basis. Just light taps on my neck and back seemed to make it better. At first, the biggest change was that I was no longer constipated. I began to have bowel movements on my own after just a couple of weeks. The tortacolis began to go away. Then the colic symptoms began to go away as well. I cried less and was able to eat more. The colic eventually disappeared, but chiropractic care made the symptoms less severe while it lasted. I still go to see the chiropractor occasionally just to make sure my back is still in alignment. When I was sick, I would cry a little during adjustments, but now I giggle. I would recommend the chiropractor to any baby with colic. It helped me get better.

As with a lot of patients of chiropractic care, I was at first skeptical of what chiropractic can do for me. Growing up I was rarely ill, and I didn't have any medical conditions. Overall, I considered myself to be a healthy individual. So why did I start to go? I had the opportunity to meet Dr. Olt for a free consultation years ago. I wanted to see what this supplemental healthcare solution was all about. I had nothing to lose. It was free. I have been seeing Dr. Olt ever since to maintain my health.
After a few years of chiropractic care, I was in a couple of major car accidents and the treatment I received helped alleviate some neck and back tenderness. Anytime I would have any back problems, I would see Dr. Olt. Of course I have found other benefits of chiropractic other than just alleviating back pain.
Last year I found out I was pregnant for the first time. I had heard all kinds of horror stories about twenty-four hour LABOR sessions, morning sickness, etc... In my 2nd month of pregnancy, I started getting backaches on the right side of my body. My husband wanted me to to see Dr. Olt to alleviate some of the pain. I had some concerns about getting chiropractic adjustments while pregnant. I didn't know if getting adjusted would hurt my unborn child. My husband mentioned to me that he heard that there were some benefits to getting chiropractic care while being pregnant. Dr. Olt showed me how chiropractic care can alleviate many conditions such as morning sickness and backaches. He also mentioned that chiropractic care during pregnancy can even help shorten labor.
After discussing my situation with Dr. Olt, I felt confident that chiropractic care would help with my overall pregnancy experience. One of the more important potential benefits I kept in mind was QUICK LABOR. Dr. Olt recommended that I go once every 2 weeks for the duration of my pregnancy. The backaches that I experienced during went away within 3 days of the first adjustment. I had an uncomplicated (if not pleasant) pregnancy. During my first nine-month checkup at my health care provider, I discovered that I was already 4 cms dilated. "How did that happen" I would ask myself. I didn't even have real contractions. Personally, I attribute that to the chiropractic care I received. Getting adjusted helped my body be more flexible and allowed the baby to drop further in the birth canal.
The time came... on March 3, 2002 I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. My labor experience was unbelievable. When I went to the hospital, I wasn't even feeling pain. At most, I was feeling uncomfortable. My contractions were becoming more frequent which was the only sign I was in labor. When my husband and I went to the hospital, I was already 6 CMS dilated. A total of 5 hours later, I was done. Sarah Quyen Wilson was in my arms. With the understanding that Dr. Olt couldn't GUARANTEE that I would deliver quickly, I was sure pleased with the outcome.
Happy new mother,
Le Quach Wilson
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